Ronny Rosenthal once said “I don’t like talking about revenge, but when I do I serve it cold in a ramshackle dugout on a heavy pitch. Often I like to have a pint and some onion rings afterward”. I may be mistaken and not perhaps a verbatim quote, it could have been Terry Phelan.

Either way the truth of the matter is that Fleet Sociadads were the original, and now can be confirmed the best. We changed name to play in the veterans league a two years ago.  Placed in the same league as the enemy we played them before Christmas and despite them fielding 12 players in the second half we scraped a 1-1 draw. This time the atmosphere was different. They took our name, but they could never take our freedom!

After some disappointing performances, we needed to “get our shit together” as Colin once said when he realised that the buffet was open and people were in front of him. 185875135

A solid start to the game, under the floodlights (off), saw us remain relatively in control. A few goalmouth scrambles but the Frimley Park Day release back four held up. Three straight from the physical injuries ward and one from the care home. The smell of old wee from left-back gave away who was who.

First half was closed with Lambo finishing from close range and giving us a deserved lead. The second half was much the same, we lost a little shape with multiple subs but Martin popped up at the back post to scramble one home.

The threat of substitution spurred Aaron on to actually finish one to make it 3-0. As a reward, he was immediately hooked off.  Martin completed the rout with a pass into the net past a keeper who had decided that he’d dive in installments.

Some interesting moments, Dysandro with an airshot and obligatory no look pass to open up our own defence. In my head it was a swept deft spray over to our rapid Kenyan left-back, unfortunately, it turned into a wincing toe scuffer to their less rapid somewhat surprised forward.  At the other end Big Kev hitting crossbar and post was sloppy. With two of the four defenders subbed off for injuries and the third, because he had to go swimming, the defensive duties, were handed to Pete. It’s fortunate he’s got a fast car as he wins monkey this week for arriving without his kit. It’s also unfortunate he’s not as fast as his car, but beggars can’t be choosers and he played admirably, with one devious through ball we should have done more with and a few Chris self nutmegs when he first came on.

Man of the Match nominations for Martin and Aaron, with a late entry for busy body Ethers, but Stevie B takes it with a solid defensive performance.

There’s only one team in Fleet this year and it’s not the Spurs.