On the 7th March 1875 a man was born that would change the shape of our world. He would have an impact on every man, woman and child in the UK. He’d become the reason many marriages suffer during a 10 week period which changes every year.

10 days and 63 years later, Rudolph Nureyev was born on a Trans-Siberian train near Irkutsk, Siberia, Soviet Union

Maurice Ravel wrote a piece of music that ultimately Jane and Chris, a couple of skaters from somewhere rocked up to at the ’88 Olympics and knocked out a decent performance that the judges seemed to like. 32 years later every household tunes into the mind numbing Norvill and Bean show where second rate celebs have a bit of a dance and the pantomime judges ham it up for the crowd whilst every bloke in the land wonders why the missus won’t watch the football.

Perhaps if the fine ladies of the UK came down to the Garrison sports fields to witness the Sociadads in action this morning we could change that. Nureyev is regarded by some as the greatest male ballet dancer of his generation but an icy pitch, injuries and pair Dyson with the old warhorse Phil Taw and some may change their view.

330px-Nureyev_10_Allan_WarrenYou’d assume teammates would congratulate Dyson on his pirouette, keep up and flared finish, but no. Heathens don’t recognise progressive football and this is no different. A different audience and there would have been flowers and probably underwear thrown on the icy pitch.

To the match…..after a standard start of giving the opposition the lead, the injury ravaged squad (Dyson – foot, Joel – hamstring, Chris – hamstring, King – Tourette’s) fought back quickly with Matt netting for a decent finish.

Having missed 23 chances the defensive unit figured a bit of pressure might help so we let another one in and cometh the hour, cometh the army man. Aaron stepped up, netted two wonderful goals and a new girl/boyfriend (Ethers). A good win at 3-2. An awful performance.

MoM – Aaron

Monkey – Dyson (not for the dancing, for a wayward pass from a deadball that missed by about 30m) – I’m claiming injury.

Goals for Matt (1), Aaron (2)