Dismissive adventures of an age grouper


I’m no different to anyone else with the exception that I admit that I’m in those midlife defining years. I’ve chased career goals and got a great family around me but I’ve never been good at running and it’s always bugged me. To that end like a true mid-lifer, I’ve gotten myself into Triathlons and multi-sport.

I’ve read book after book on ultra’s, triathlons, Ironman events, deca-Ironman events and every combination thereof. It’s the call of the adventure that I like and finding out things about myself I didn’t know.

When I started I could barely do two lengths of front crawl without stopping for a rest and a chat with whoever was passing. Now….well, now things are a bit different. I’m not the next Mark Allen but I’m not the next middle-aged dad sat watching the telly either.

The other side of it is I like writing. It’s cathartic and I’m told some of it is funny.

Other than that¬†hopefully you’ll enjoy my training/competing musings and if you want any info please don’t hesitate!

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