Phil being pieced together for 90 minutes of action

If you google injury ravaged you’ll get a number of responses that talk about teams with a few injuries pulling off wins or justifiying losses. So to avooid the obvious repostes I’ll say a niggle tainted Fleet Sociadads was away to Alton in the league today, on a decpetively warm Sunday morning.

Our normal sunday dilemma is how to squeeze 18 people into an 11 man team, a bit like Jon Jon crams 32 people into a transit every time he does the Dover Calais route. This week it was more about piecing together a full team, a bit like creating Frankenstein’s monster but with ingredients consisting of an old groin, three backaches and a gammy toe.

In 1958 there was a cup match between Kowloon Cowboys and Taiwan Typhoons. 0-0 at half time and the game was anyone’s but 15 minutes into the second half and half Kwun Ho Pang was on the receiving end of a tackle that broke his femur and 2 of his ribs. When the story is reimagined by pixar they will go on to win the game with Kwun scoring a towering header. The reality is he struggled on and they lost in extra time to an own goal, but you get the gist. That’s the spirit we channelled and we fought hard with a number of players at less than 100%, unlike Aaron who 100% filled the ’88’ shirt. beast!

So, I want to tell you about how we challenged the norm and played them of the park. Unfortunately Alton are a decent team, they played the ball around well and ultimately they beat us 3-1.We had chances, Jamie with a couple and some intricate play on the right leading to the ball fizzing across the box and out for a throw. Talking of throws, Ads stepped up to fill Pete’s boots and throw like Frank Spencer and Duncan Norvelle’s first born.

That said, first half was 0-0 and we looked solid. Second half following a rousing team talk we conceded three and an Aaron pinched a consolation goal. Phil Taw rolling back the years (again) and proving that defending is all in the head. Mostly his. A welcome return for the happiest man in the world who drew the short straw (and I don’t mean Kev’s penis) and got the left back slot when Pete decided it was all a bit hard.

Monkey nominations

Glyn forgetting his shin pads because his missus uses them apparently, but he saved it by not hitting a bench when parking. Pete for pulling some glorious air headers, just needs to channel Phil and cover himself by saying ‘over me’ beforehand.

Lambo running to keep a ball in, then continuing off the pitch and into the stands with a blown hamstring.

The only other honourable mentions go to;

Jamie for re-enacting Platoon and screaming as he went down and rolled in the box.

And Ram-Man as he took out Jamie and Pete in two separate incidents. You can’t fault attitude, it’s just a shame he’s hell bent on wiping out his own players. Nice work Aaron.

For all the nominations it’s hard to call someone out when to a man everyone put it in. So this week…the ref gets it for tackling Phil and I’m sure I heard our aged lothario swear at him in a rare explosion of emotion.

Man of the match, as we haven’t really done one for a while….
Votes for Aaron, Dyson and Phil which I think are proportional to moaning volume, but the winner is “Sticky” for a number of instalment challenges and solid work all round. Not to mention playing while injured. Well played Adam.