I’ve not written for two reasons.

  1. I’ve left work and left some mojo in my top drawer.
  2. With a ramping down of training what mojo remained shrunk faster than my pride in the showers after an open  water swim.

I had the fortune of finishing up my last role just before Christmas. A hectic time in anyone’s calendar so the time flew by whilst I enjoyed time with the kids and fired up my running schedule. The relaxation and chill time hasn’t lasted long. Everyone mentions how ‘cool’ it will be to put your feet up, contemplate the future, get some quality miles in….Life has a funny way of changing the story just when you’re getting into the plot.

On the 25th (yup, I ran Christmas day, it was a test of self to see how committed I was – I passed) the running came to a screaming halt. I’ve had pain in my feet for ages, but it got to the point that running was a chore rather than a slightly less chory chore. Booking into Optimum Performance on a recommendation I bit the bullet to get them looked at. Plantar Facciitis in both feet. The commandant on duty proceeded to treat me by beating the soles of my feet with a cane then locking me in a solitary confinement cupboard a la Tenko, but slightly more chilly.

The reality, after a thorough check and review, the clearly well qualified and exceptional physio set to work applying ‘shockwave‘ therapy to my aching feet. 3 sessions in and I can honestly say it’s improved things immeasurably. Damn the pain was horrible, it’s like having a vicious toothache in the bones of your feet. As with all physio types they focus on that painful area until either the sobbing stops or the electricity goes off.


 I set about my first 10k in months at the weekend and whilst it was sore, it was nowhere near as bad as previously. Better still there was absolutely no pain afterwards, nor the following day. Normally I climb out of bed and stagger to the bathroom looking like someone taking the barefoot lego challenge.

Back to point 1, the job. I have the comfort of having time to find the right role so common sense lets me be selective and find a good match. Emotionally I’m cripplingly bored, riding the waves of wake up, take kids to school, eat, gym, walk the dogs (maybe), eat, TV, eat, read, eat.


It’s a tough one to explain, I’m not stressed, I’m not on too much of an edge, but when you remove an 10-12 hour block of time from your calendar every day it’s difficult to fill it without just going and spending money or disappearing into the internet. So far this years achievements amount to doing a tax return and putting up a security light.

I’m starting writing again, so I’ve no doubt it will give me some outlet, but I’m open to suggestions!