Realising you have an issue is the first step on the path to fixing it. Watching the weeks slip away as we draw ever closer to the Ironman is beginning to be a worry. Work commitments meaning training time has been limited, especially when it involves clients, bars, alcohol and team building.

I was determined to get some time in the book on this weeks non-jolly to Sofia. Arriving late Monday night, all day meetings through until 8pm, then dinner with the team before a nights sleep and a flight back meant it was going to be a challenge.

IMG_0768If you follow Dwayne the Rock, you’ll know he’s an early morning beast, so I set the alarm for Rock-o-clock. I can confirm I’m not a beast. I’m a shrew at best, I hate mornings. Especially when the taste of wheat beer is still swilling around along with the 5lb of prime steak and fish I’d tucked away 6 hours previous.

Recommend this place by the way.

Waking up silly early, I dragged myself downstairs to the gym, to find it closed. There was no other option than a run on the street. The same street that the locals warned me were patrolled by wild dog packs. I’d like to say I was joking, but running through something that resembles Pripyat with images of the classic game ‘Stalker’ is not a comfortable start.

Scary street dogs – the background

Sunrise at TheRock o’Clock

Still, suns out, guns out. Or in my case suns out, sweat like fat lad at a salad counter. 25 degrees plus, makes no sense. I had Bulgaria pegged as cold…apparently not.

It was definitely a 2 shower run, back to hotel in time for breakfast which was marvelous. ….if you like luke warm scrambled eggs and soggy cold potato wedges. Just marvelous.

Time to post up a quick blog, then into the office. Hopefully the aircon works.



Empty Streets