So against the advice of my other half I need to vent my spleen on something. I’ll hit a positive first and then perhaps I’ll find the venting cathartic.

Through some course of events I’m now a member at a local gym and I managed to talk my way into a quick session with a personal trainer. I’ve got a pretty good handle on what I need to do for the Ironman but I’m like a sponge. I take on all the advice I can get. I’m also slightly yellow and drip when I walk.

The PT has put me together a circuit with kettle bells and chinups and all my favourite horrible exercises which I now need to stick to. The accountability to someone else double edged sword. I can happily let myself down but letting someone else down when they’ve made an effort to help is something else. That in mind, I’ve got a couple of lunch time runs in this week, including a fartlek session. I’ve no idea how to really construct it so I just ran fast until my legs hurt, then slow until I stopped crying. We’ll see how that goes.


In ranty news, watching the telly a couple of nights back there was an advert for panty liners. The ad is here if you want to watch it but the principle has really hashed my potatoes. The implication that being a women limits you and therefore having some absorbent foam in your pants means you can release your inner beast and be a champion. Now, I’m not a woman although sometimes I wish I could wear the shoes, but the principle that you are hampered really annoys. It’s another example of pushing the gender gap and giving people a reason to treat people differently.

The lady in the advert,¬†Stephanie Labbe, is an international goal keeper because she’s fkin good in goal, not because she’s got some super memory foam pants on.¬†Now because I’m a bloke I know nothing about such stuff, so do please correct me, but can we stop using gender as a differentiator. You want examples of great sportswomen?

Chrissie Wellington, Paula Radcliffe, Flo Jo, Gwen Jorgenson, Gina Carano, Meisha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Hope Solo, Jessica Ennis…I could go on. The common factor isn’t that they all wear bras or all have periods or all paint their toenails. The common factors are they are exceptional athletes because of their dedication and drive.

Panty liners my balls. (although I reckon I might need one for the bike section in Weymouth)

*apologies for the lack of formatting, but this was a brain dump.