Whilst more famous people than me have lost their mojo it’s never well publicised as to where they found it. 

Every week is starting with the best intentions, like the new Top Gear, but then degenerates into a mess of shouting and disorganised chaos. 

One of the first things I read when setting out on this journey was to get things done early. Get the exercise finished in the morning so it can’t slip through your fingers as the days and weeks drop by. Unfortunately they never mentioned how to cope with hangovers due to client entertaining and the Euro Championships. Whilst I shouldn’t complain, (who wouldn’t want a track day with that storm brewing ) I should get my arse in a gear, even if it’s second rather than ‘top’.

This week sees me typing this en route to Bulgaria with Air Indiana Jones, which will land imminently. They will no doubt receive a round of applause from the detritus of polyester shell suits and extras from GTA franchise and a cursory refined ‘thank you very much’ from yours truly. 

I’ve brought my runners, I’ve brought my garmiin. Can I get 10 miles in 2 days with a 9 hour workshop and a corporate dinner squeezed in. I hope so. 

And there we have it, we’ve just bounced down the runway and everyone clapped.