It’s been a while since posting, primarily as we’re in the off season and there’s very little I can add in terms of match reports. This weekend saw the mighty Fleet Spurs Vets take on Bournmouth in an away day weekend.

For a few years now the Vets have toured in Bournemouth. On one occasion there was even a match. Every year, yours truly fends off the pressure to book somewhere exotic and comes up trumps with the weather and a tired old hotel that suits everyone’s budget.

This year started like every other, Oatsheaf at 1300 and whilst I won’t give blow by blow accounts of the weekend, it’s worth posting up a few pictures so you can see what happens when a bunch of 40+ adults go away for the weekend.

If anyone wants some advice on drinking games, just ask, we’ve got some great ones.


Highlights I hear you not ask?

  • Racey losing his sock into the roof of Revolution
  • Spavo lending Rix some shoes only to have to have the washed after a tactical.
  • Dysandro beating the system and smashing the Craps table
  • Dysandro getting beaten by the system and getting smashed by the craps table
  • Touch rugby and Jeffsy scoring a blinding diving try, 20 yards short of the try line
  • Footgolf proving that Racey is good at something
  • The token game, a horrible way to watch a football match
  • The token game, a great way to watch Rix bang out 40 pressups in a pub full of English football fans
  • Eric Dier scoring @ 12/1

There’s more, but that’s saved for the pub. Roll on next year, we might even manage a full 11.