So after last weeks update there was very little impact to my performance on the field, so I’m assuming that the majority of performance drop post short runs is psychosomatic. It raises some interesting challenges, can I do much more than I’m letting myself do? It’s a constant niggle in the back of my mind knowing it’s a long road, when do I change-up a gear?

UntitledThe other big development this week is that I’ve paid my fees and entered the Weymouth Ironman. £400 seems like a lot of money to pay for what will be a painful 12 hours, but I’m fully convinced the enjoyment comes from the preparation and planning. The day out itself will be hard graft, but knowing I can do it will be the petrol that gets me through.

I’m still going to apply for Roth but given the demand I’m not holding out hope. Worst case, I’ll be a double Ironman (well Iron and Challenge) champ by the end of 2016!

On with the training and running the 10% increase rule I’m up to a whopping 3.5 miles at a steady pace. I want to start introducing speed and hill work but am keen to build a 10 mile base first. Being massively geeky I’ve used a compound formula to work out that it will take 17 weeks of compounding at 10% to hit marathon distances from today. 4 weeks from today will hit 7.3 miles, which coincidentally is when the 8 mile Grim Challenge takes place. It could be fate, who knows!

I did my few miles on plan this week and learnt two very important lessons;

Lesson 1

LynxWhen running at work, bring your own shower gel. I forgot mine and was left with whatever was hanging in the damp dark excuse for a shower. In this case it was Lynx. At this point I’m afraid I may go off on a small tangent. The bottle in there said it had hints of aged leather.

Firstly who, on gods green and pleasant earth, wants to smell like an old sofa or a pair of well-worn chaps?

In hunting for an image of said bottle I ended up perusing the Lynx site. Whilst I didn’t find the expected images of pre-pubescent locker rooms and terry towelling socks, I did find this description;

‘watermelon, bergamot and frozen pear’

Aside from the obvious, what the hell does ‘frozen pear’ smell like? I would imagine it smells like ice, which is to say it smells of nothing. It’s like writing  ‘hints of air with a waft of carbon monoxide’. Given the right mix I suppose it would work as a pulling technique, but this isn’t difficult. People don’t buy it for the smell, they buy it because it’s 5 for £1.

Lesson 2
And one for the ladies

Take spare underwear. Coming back from a run, sweating like a Star Trek actor who’s

just been told he’s beaming down to the plane in his first episode, is not the time to realise you don’t have spares. Whilst I have a new’ish collection of suits, walking around commando in suit trousers takes a certain amount of front. Thankfully it was neither too cold nor too warm and I managed it.

In short, come prepared. Which is what I’m trying to do for the Grim in 4 weeks time. We’ll see.

I should add, the gratuitous picture on the front page is an experiment to see who it drives to the blog.