One of the biggest challenges of this potential Ironman target I’ve set myself is how to wrap the training around my daily life. I play football twice a week and then have the family around that (although it should be the other way around).

Now I’ve started training again post the Huntsman I’ve already proved one thing to myself. I ran last Thursday, nothing big, but 30 minutes in Z3-4. A big pasta dinner Friday then a match on Saturday. I’m well aware it’s different muscles for endurance and football but there must be some overlap. I was yards off the pace during the game without any real reason. I didn’t ‘feel’ tired as such but it just felt like the energy wasn’t there.

Starting this week I’m going to try and work out how it all links together. I’ve done a lunchtime 5k today, football training is Wednesday evening, so the gap is about the same. If I feel flat on Wednesday then I know it’s the run. The problem then is how to get past it. There’s only 7 days in a week so I can’t move things around, so I’ll need to figure out how to beat it mentally which I’m sure is just application.

Suck it up princess, you’ve got a race to run! I’ll let you know…

Next potential race – Thorpe Park 5k on Sunday, there I’ve said it.