Match Report : Letef (2) – (0) Fleet Spurs Vets

Pete Best was famously ejected from the Beatles in 1962, with ‘Love Me Do’ released later that year. He missed out on the adulation and riches that followed his replacement Ringo, who wouldn’t have got the speaking part in Thomas the Tank Engine without that first opportunity.

WIth his brothers JR and Bobby in his later years.
NBA star Patrick with his brothers JR and Bobby Ewing.

History is littered with triers but the unfortunate truth is trying isn’t good enough. Eddie the Eagle, Jimmy White, Patrick Ewing….Patrick Ewing, younger brother of JR and Bobby played NBA in the 80’s, 6th in the all time ‘blocks’ rankings and 16th greatest scorer ever. His career was unfortunate to collide with that of Michael Jordan so he his dominance in his team resulted in nothing as his beloved Knicks never won the title whilst Jordan was around.

So we come to the Vets, who for three weeks now have been the best show in town. Playing good football and managing to form a supportive and competitive team with which to take on the youngsters in our league. After a narrow loss to Yateley we beat BOSC away with a bare 12 players, and things looked to be on the up. We turned out this week against Letef with a very similar team hoping to turn in a result.

It wasn’t to be, another nearly week as we missed out despite ourselves.

We started well and despite a few slips we held them off well. We strengthened as the game progressed and started to knock it about a bit. A wider pitch seems to favour us and give more time on the ball, less rushed decisions and more options. We had a slight scare from a headed goal but Reg pulled out his most magnificent saving maneuver this season. He flagged him offside. We had chances from set pieces with Vidal just short of converting a Dysandro free kick, unfortunately unable to channel the abilities of his son who scored 4 times the following day to earn himself MoM in an Aldershot Schools match. Father Burke walked away with nothing.

Toward the end of the half there was some back and forward and the pitch opened up for their midfield to take a strike from 20 yards. Well hit and it looped into the far corner. Half time and 1-0.

The second half started brightly enough and we continued to push, getting more confidence and more possession around the half way line, which makes it all the more disappointing that we conceded again, a pass into the box and a deft touch took the striker past his man to slot home. A well taken goal but it didn’t feel particularly fair based on the game.

Some entertainment was had as their center back seemed to be a magnet for Ollie and Martins tackles, with his ankle taking the brunt. Not entertaining in itself but his dramatic tantrums were reminiscent of Crystal Carrington in the Dallas challenge.

The good, the bad, the lonelyThe post match disappointment was summed up by Colin’s post match arrangements. After a thankless game he was stood up and watched dolefully as everyone left him there with a bag of dirty pants and the dreams of what could have been.

We missed a couple of chances and missed a few tackles but whilst we aren’t getting the results, we are playing better and we are becoming a team. We need some points and a run of wins. We can start that trend in the cup match at home this weekend.

No real monkeys to speak of this week. Ollie danced with the accolade by not knowing kick off times, but to cheer Phil up Dyson takes it by being out-jumped by a pygmy. The only nomination and the only time I’ve seen Phil smile since realising he had been paired with Burkey at the back.


Nick ‘Nak’ Fleuty
John ‘Jon’ Jollow
Phil ‘Calm’ Taw
Mark ‘Lamborghini’* Lambert
Matt ‘Not as good as Ollie’ Burke
Colin ‘Lonely’ Vickery
Mikey ‘Debutante’ Davies
Martin ‘Hamstrings must still be tight’ King
James ‘Voiced over by Ringo’ Dyson
Ollie ‘St. Ink’ Rastall
Mark ‘Mr Invisible’ Holgate
David ‘Mr Miyagi’ Jeffs
Paul ‘Gloves’ Knight
Reg ‘Lino’ Leather

*My phone corrects Lambo to Lamborghini every time I use it. It must be a sign.