After the triathlon a few weeks back it’s been ridiculously hard to get going again. I’ve played football and 5-a-side but I’ve failed miserably to get to a pool, run or even get on the turbo. I’ve continued to eat like an Ironman but I’ve not done any real time to shift it. I’m assuming the post race slump that everyone talks about is still a factor on small races, but it just feels lazy to me!

Frank and Loki

Race wise I’ve got nothing booked until January which will be the Henley Duathlon stuff, but it’s too easy to make excuses for training. My bike trainer has been relegated by having a kitchen delivered. My running is too time consuming because work is ‘oh so busy’ and the pool is just plain expensive.

The truth, I’m lazy. I can’t bring myself to be a morning person but I think it’s the only way I’m going to crack the regimen I need to set. I managed to get out for 30 mins with the dogs, so that’s the start, swim tomorrow and football Saturday, the clock is ticking. A positive being Frank found it hard work and is now out cold.

So the mission for the next week….get up before 7 every day. If that means get up and sit downstairs with a cuppa, then so be it. The usual me would say, let’s start this Monday, the blog me says starts tomorrow. 7 days, 7 early mornings. It’s not a huge sacrifice…is it?

Todays Run

It’s not great, I had to stop a couple of times to pick up dog mess like a good owner. A nice little loop up the hill to Ewshott which will now act as a measure. The first mile was hard work but I seem to find a groove after that, so let’s see what happens next time, the clock is ticking.

Day 1. 655am having been woken up numerous times by the other half (migraine) and Frank the dopey Labrador because he was feeling lonely. Got up, watched telly, fell asleep at 9…not ideal but a start. 650am tomorrow.