Now stick with me here it’s important. I like chocolate, at time of writing I’ve not had any for about 2 months, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about triathlon. I’ve got you reading under false pretenses but if I throw in the odd hook to keep you going maybe I’ll get you through a whole post about the sport I love.

(Biscuits….still with me?)

Triathlon remains the only sport where you can compete on the same day, on the same course against the professionals. If you want to measure your ability there’s no finer place. My first triathlon was horrendous. I’d done a few team-based Tough Mudder events and enjoyed them, the isolation of the triathlon caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to spend hours alone in my own company but afterward, I immediately signed up for another. I wanted to do better. It’s only through that experience I realised the fun (for me) is in the training, the constant improvement, the community around the training and growth side is huge and once you scratch the surface you’ll be in. From super sprint family-friendly events for all up to the Ironman (a quick marathon…proceeded by a quick 2.4 swim and a 112 miles on the bike). The people that do this seriously are super fit. Multi-discipline machines worthy of your attention.

(Kettle Crisps….c’mon, focus!)

The challenge triathlon has is that it’s not a spectator sport. Watching lonely runners plug away at a marathon after 5 hours of swimming and biking is nobodies idea of a great Saturday in front of the box and that’s where the gap between mass participation and awareness existed. Then along comes Macca (Chris McCormack) and invents Super League Triathlon. ( The principle is blinding obvious but it works so well. Take the best of the best, match them off against each other in an endurance event that will push them and keep the spectators hooked.

(Protein Shake – I’m assuming I only have the athletes left at this stage).


This weekend saw the culmination of the season for Super League and it absolutely rocked. The series leader experiencing massive highs and lows in the mens event and the women coming to a dead heat (irrespective of what the judges say) in the final enduro. If you have one hour of your life to spare, hit iPlayer or your TV drug of choice, do yourself a favour and watch this weekends events. If you like competition, you like sport and you’ve heard of the Brownlees get involved. It is the future of triathlon.

(Salt tabs – just you triathletes left eh?)


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