A couple of quick ones that are of interest. I thought people might be interested in the ramblings and what’s crossed my bow lately. I’ll start with some obvious ones, whilst everyone triathlon has read Fink, I’ve become kind of hooked on the adventure books that show that every day people can achieve extraordinary things. So here’s a couple to get you started;

  1. Cycling the Earth – One man, one bike, one hell of a long way round covering punctures, a near death accident and true human grit.
  2. Jason Lewis Trilogy – One mans mission to circumnavigate the globe using only human power. Dips into some fairly meditative sections but it flows well, scarily also has a nasty section about a road accident but the support given when none is asked for restores faith in human spirit. Check out the summary here
  3. Born to Run  – A well woven factual book woven with real characters covering a great breed of ultrarunners.