With the Ironman completed I’ve not had much to say. My initial reactions were relief and the obligatory ‘never again‘. I’d read that 2 weeks off running should be enough to refresh and it’s probably about right. Exhaustion has come in waves, followed by an ear infection which has done me no favours. The mental side means I’m spending downtime wondering how much of my fitness is slowly slipping through my fingers.

In those 2 weeks my mojo has slowly returned like a sunrise. The first rays of motivation have led me to looking at next year. I already had a marathon booked as I was a little disappointed with my first and only result of 5:15. Pulling out my copy of Hanson’s Marathon book has let me start building a schedule with a view to getting a much better result in Paris next year. You’ll be pleasantly unsuprised to hear that’s led to me dusting off ‘Fink‘ and overlaying an Ironman training program with a target completion of September 10th 2017. That happens to coincide with Ironman Wales.

Putting 2 and 2 together you’ll have figured I want to do another Ironman. I’ve no idea why, I know it hurt, I know it was emotional, I know it causes challenges with time but surely I can do better?

What does that mean? 

It means that you poor people get to follow my ramblings for another year. Sorry! I’ll also start doing some more generic ‘life’ posts as one of the bigger lessons this year is that I find writing somewhat cathartic.

I’ll start tagging the posts a little more cleanly so hopefully I won’t bore you too much.