Concious that I’ve not updated for a while but at the same time I don’t want this blog to become a (more) pointless ramble through my Ironman journey. I’m squeezing things in.

Runs, bike sessions, my thighs into a wetsuit. You name it, I’ve squeezed it in. The issue is I’m only getting an hour here and there, I’m not getting the long sessions in, so whilst I can tick over in zone 2 I really need to get some tests with longer runs and rides.

The swims I can do, the only worry there is the sea swim. Lakes and pools are fine. The sea had better flatter than Chinese gymnast as the waves are a concern. So onto the bike, I’ve done some pick up sessions, some steady zone 2’s but to test myself I’ve signed up to have a go at Sufferfest. I’m dreading and relishing the thought in equal measure.

I’ll let you know how it goes, has anyone tried it?