It’s going to be a tough year, I can’t sit here in any form of sane state and say ‘new year, new me’. It’s painfully obvious that doesn’t work. What does work is a plan.


I’ve got a few events lined up but the major milestones are the Paris Marathon, the Sams Ride 100 mile sportif and the Ironman. I may have mentioned them before. In amongst those I have a few smaller ‘B’ races but I focusing on the big 3. First things first, I need to get marathon shape.

I’ve put a good enough effort into my base, I’ve been running with the dogs and trying to tack on miles here and there, consciously doing so before Christmas so it’s not a ‘resolution’. A chance catch up with some old friends (old as in ‘from times past‘ rather than ‘they haven’t aged well‘) gave me some validation of some of the training pieces I’ve been looking at.

They both recently completed marathons using the  Hanson Method*. They both had targets, they both achieved them, they both gave me some very solid advice – so thank you Marc & Annemiek, genuinely appreciate your patience whilst I bored you with 100’s of questions whilst you were trying to have a party!

Christmas Presents

So, before you get to the boring bit I get to be a geek for a minute. I got a couple of things for Christmas that just are fantastic.

  • A Garmin Edge bike computer which I’ve wanted for ages. I just need to work out how to fit cycling and swimming into the plan
  • Livescribe, so all my notes are now digitally recorded for posterity, I pity you fools as you’ll now get images of my doodling

So without further ado, the plan….I’m on week 5, Friday…so at some point today, I need to notch up 5 miles. 5 miles in the rain. In the dark. With a mild New Year hangover.

This is where the commitment comes through, let’s see what I’m actually made of.

Page 3 - Livescribe-3-Journal-1


*A final note, the links in these posts are affiliate links, feel free to use them, also feel very free not to! I don’t advertise and I don’t want your money. I’ll save that for when I need some charity sponsorship for Paris and Weymouth!