To make sure the Iron dream is as challenging as possible, I’ll be maintaining Saturday football this season as well.
Friendly – South Farnborough 3 – Fleet Vets 1

No full report this week other than in the words of our skipper, taking the positives. We got a good team out, we played pretty well for 45 minutes then as a gesture of good will we decided neither to mark at corners, track runners or in any way make an effort. Somewhat scathing giving the heat but true I’m afraid. Netball football all over the park, otherwise known as ‘pass and stand still’.
Saturday was hot. For a first pre-season friendly it was very hot. For a first pre-season friendly on astro at noon it was blisteringly hot. I’ve not seen 22 men sweat as much since discovering that the ‘Ashley Madison Leak’ wasn’t a slack lady on a trampoline.

The final score was 3-1, Earl Etherington getting a well deserved goal after chasing around the penalty box like chicken on speed and getting his just reward. They scored one from an unmarked header from a well delivered corner, one from a neat triang-oh played from the defence to their somewhat surprised striker and one from yours truly deciding that a left boot into the goal was more rewarding than letting them do it. The positives…our borrowed striker (Col’s mate) playing crossbar challenge twice, some neat interplay in spells around the midfield and generally a good ‘warm up’ for everyone. The usual foul throws from us, which I feel we should start fining for and a great finger tip save from ‘nets’ Knights.

Another friendly on Weds to see if we can get our act together but the foundations of a good season squad wise are in place. Now we just have to work together. Longer service will be resumed upon season start.

Goals : Rix
Assists : Deep Heat