There’s lots of advice about sharing goals being a driver to achievement so I thought I’d continue here.

I’m a glutton for punishment. I find the fact that I can drag my 40 year old carcass around short triathlons, muddy football pitches, the odd bike ride and tough mudders nothing short of amazing. So most normal people would stop there. I don’t seem to be able to, it’s like an intangible goal that keeps luring me onward.

The target now is an Ironman. (I’ll say now, Ironman or Challenge series event as they are the same and the latter are cheaper and easier to get in to). To get that ball rolling I’ve read every book on the subject, every ‘zero to athlete’ tail of triumph and every magazine that’s come out that might dare touch on the sport.

I’ve settled on Ironfit by Don Fink. A straightforward tome, you’ll find no wayward rambling in his writing, unlike the shambolic spider on acid that seems to drive my usual brain dumps. My training plan looks brutal. I’ve written it all down and I’m tracking the volumes.

This week was the starting week. I’ve done 2 days and I’m already pooped, but I’m telling myself I can achieve more than I or anyone else thinks.

So, like a drunken wanderer finally finding the right street I return to the reason for this post. I’m committing here and now that;

  • I will complete an Ironman within 12 months 
  • I will complete it in under 12 hours 
  • I will post here every 12 days or less
For context and to cover those of you that aren’t aware. An Ironman event comprises;

  • 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim
  • 112-mile (180.25 km) bike ride
  • 26.2-mile (42.2 km) marathon run

No mean feat. I’ve never run more than 5 miles. I’ve never biked more than 60 miles and that was only once. Swimming wise, up until 3 months ago I could only do a 1&1/2 lengths before having to stop for a breather.

….I also commit it will not affect my family life adversely, (other than when I’m grumpy on a taper week, or perhaps on Tuesdays, I’ve never liked Tuesdays. They pretend to be better than Monday but at least Monday comes right out with the ‘your back at work’ shit and doesn’t pretend it’s going to be anything less than horrid. Tuesday sneaks up like a punchy drunken midget in a Wetherspoons and kicks you in the shins whilst you carry on thinking he’ll eventually go away, but he doesn’t.

Any achievement will be entirely down to the support that they already give me in my random ramblings. So in advance, Sarah, Austen, Eloise, Hannah and Nathan (and Leah and Ben) thank you for putting up with my ‘reflective’ moments and hopefully you can all come and watch me smash the race….I’ll pay, unless it’s Bolton. Thank you in advance!!

Whatever it takes….

Countdown under way, and apologies for those of you that wanted a 3 page cynical tirade about this weeks negatives. There will be one along shortly.