Not strictly on the list but a challenge nonetheless.

Up in Henley and surprisingly tougher than the one in the Welsh hills last year, mile upon mile of soft, ankle deep mud. My hip flexors ache from all the slipping and sliding. 
Somewhat disappointed to fall off the monkey bars at the apex, then fell off the rings on the last one, but truly knackered by then. 
Given it was two weeks after a kidney infection that saw me lose a stone I’m quietly relieved. The only downside was the first obstacle, a belly crawl through the mud. Completed no problem and jogged on but felt something grating in my knee. Turned out to be a safety pin, up to the hilt behind my knee cap, had to tug it hard as it was deep on something solid, but feels ok now. Tetanus is up to date I think! 
The usual ball shrunken in the ice skip, but done and dusted. For those that sponsored me on the back of this, thank you! 
Thanks too to my eldest, Hannah, Martin, my football skipper and his wife, Alexa and friend Mark. 
Am now a triple mudder, but still not learnt. Sprinting through the final shock obstacle I got got and hit the floor like a sack of spuds. That smarted! To those in the club, hoo raa. To those not, give it a try!