How many blogs run dry after a flurry? My guess is thousands, so here’s mine.

I’ve not posted for a while and there are a number of reasons. The blog is a mixture of my personal ramblings, some training thoughts and some highly specific match reports for the football team I’m a member of. The problem with writing regularly is the spark to start. Change of job, refocus on fitness, holidays and anything in between all contribute to a ‘real life’.

Looking through my older posts I’ve lost some of my brand, I’m not sure what that is, but I know it’s missing.

I’ve missed a few match reports and I’ve somewhat lost my mojo on getting going. So this is a reboot. I’m going to write more often without trying to cater for everyone. I’m not trying to be funny or educational or anything in between. I’m just going to ramble. There will be things about Triathlon in there, some dwelling on why last season was a washout and the self pity wallowing.

There will be some football related thoughts and likely some more work flavoured pieces. Not all will be formatted beautifully, but they will be genuine thoughts. I apologise now for swearing and hopefully you can come on this years journey with me.

Let’s see where we go from here.