Morning. Nothing exciting to report other than a 5 hour weekend ride starting at ‘oh my god it’s early’ followed by a two hour treadmill run (whilst watching GoT). I gotta say, it’s taken me so long to start watching GoT but I’m now nicely addicted. No spoilers please, but damn if it stays this good it might trump The Wire as my all time favourite.

So why 5 ways to save the world? Data tells us that blog posts with ‘x ways to achieve y‘ always score best, so here you go. Five ways to change the world;

  1. Be happy – it’s scientifically proven that stress and the presence of cortisol leads to premature ageing and a shorter lifespan. Be happy with your choices and don’t sweat the small stuff. A happier population? A happier world.
  2. Eat a little less. Eat a little more. Don’t diet, make a conscious¬†choice to eat what you want. Just make sure what you want is what’s good for you.
  3. Change one thing. Change happens in an instant. Procrastination takes weeks but the action of change is instant. Pick up the phone, send the letter, pick up the fruit. Make one change today.
  4. Pay it forward. Always.
  5. Donate ¬£1 to cancer research. I’d hazard a guess that each and every one of you knows someone touched by this horrendous disease. Let’s ease that suffering.

¬£1. Seriously, it’s not a big ask is it?