Every year the Vets go on tour. I don’t recall the last time we had a match but the intention is there. After booking a new venue and ensuring the weather was organised we started the day at the Oatsheaf, ready to rock and roll. 7 people into the back of Martin’s self driving German Trance wagon and we hit the road.

I won’t explain every picture but they are there for your perusal. There was a competition that ran all weekend, points tallying up to give a Tour Champion. I’ll keep the suspense going for another view paragraphs.

Footgolf saw none other than Spav put up an astonishing challenge and coming a close second, an outside bet if anyone was. Rix making a strong challenge in the pool games with Disappointed Dad being there or thereabouts in most games.

Foot-tennis demonstrating un-natural sportsmanship issues and a 20 touch keep up on the beach taking far too long. Who knew that Baileys and Jager would curdle quite as badly and set Spav up for an interesting shot before leaving. Casino Gods Dyson and Bowers taking the Grovesnor to the cleaners on Friday night, before Casino Saps Dyson and Bowers gave it all back on Saturday night. It would be remiss to not mention Casino Royale, the Duke, enjoying all the perks of gambling without gambling and having a toasted chicken sandwich and chuckling as someone wasn’t allowed in.

After years in the disco wilderness it turns out that yours truly still lacks some rhythm but makes up for it with gusto and commitment at about the 7 pint mark once some decent tunes turn up.

So, to the results. It was a close run thing but demonstrating all the skills and commitments required to be an ever present ‘Vet’. Persisting against the odds to compete in every game, pushing himself to his limits and very nearly reaching them.

Step forward Paul Knights. It’s not about winning, it’s about getting up and keeping at it….and frankly how he lost Footgolf I do not know! Dusting yourself off and getting stuck into the next compo. In short, if we all showed that commitment on a Saturday we’d me mid table at worst.


 Ladies and Gents, I give you the Tour Champion – Paul ‘Gloves’ Knights.