A lovely saying and one that I’m constantly on the cusp of fulfilling but I’ve got it under control (all the best addicts say that). I read, a lot. I consume podcasts non stop. If you could plug me in a la Neo I’d be first in the queue until I became the Lawnmower Man. If you get that reference then you’re showing your age.


So for all you fellow nerds I’m going to help you out. I assumed everyone knew about Readly. If, like me you head into WHSmiths and buy anything with an article remotely interesting I’m about to save you (and me) money.

Readly is magazines on your ipad, windows device, phone, whatever and has a massive range of magazines, including 220 Triathlon, Mens Health, Womens Health (I read that one for the articles, honest). For the amount of magazines I buy based on one article or a nice cover I’ve saved £££’s on this one.


Hit the link, you get a free month, I get a free month. Happy days. See you in the library and I’ll be back later with a post about todays relatively pain free run and the current road to Ironman which will see me break my PB….probably 🙂