I’ve said before that I love data. I love seeing things change and move. Tangible movement of metrics and graphs, pinwheels and scatter plots make my day. Imagine my pain at leaving my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) in someone’s car. With 6 weeks to go, I’ve no option other than to kick the excuses into touch and get on with it. I’m now having to exercise by feel…..and I like it.


After the failed event last week it’s been pretty hard to get back on the horse but I’ve managed it. I’ve been running, rowing and riding at the gym, trying to mix it up and get some miles in. I’ve been trying to listen to my body, slow the run until I can maintain a constant breath rate but it’s so much harder on a treadmill.┬áStaring at a screen with a 5km loop on is just not interesting. I’ve run streets and the uneven pavements annoy me, I like the convenience of the gym but you can’t just slow or speed up without pressing buttons and fiddling with settings.

Having done the ‘train by feel’ I couldn’t resist….. I had a go on the Boditrax machine in the gym. I more than made up for the heart rate data, I’ve now got all sorts to look at!

So what does it tell me? I’m a 41 year old in the body of a lopsided skinny 26 year old.