I was extremely fortunate to get a session at the Olympic Velodrome this week. Further I was hugely fortunate to meet Mark Colbourne, MBE. For those that don’t know him, check it out his web page or enjoy this clip and feel the goosebumps. The man is a machine.

If you haven’t ridden in a velodrome I can’t recommend it enough. It gives you a dose of reality and I’ll shamelessly apologise to the aforementioned Paralympic champ for stealing his words. There’s nowhere to hide on the track. If you stop pedalling, you stop moving. If you want to perform you have to hang yourself out.


Let it all hang out

During the warm ups I was holding off and it Mark called me on it. He was right. There is no point doing anything and coming away knowing you could have tried harder. 100% or nothing. So for all subsequent rides I buried myself.

With my assigned partner we pinched a trophy, but I’m more satisfied that I came off every race in bits. Lunch was a write off, I couldn’t have kept it down. Go hard or go home.

So coming back to full training after a slow week post marathon I now have some inspiration. It’s time to deliver.



Poetry in motion

I took so many things from the day, not least a mindset and an approach to training and life. I’ve always like ‘If‘ but I can now claim to like more than one poem. Go and read ‘The Man in the Glass‘ (thanks Mark!). The content couldn’t be truer.

Days End

To listen to the wise words of a Paralympic medalist and be surrounded by so many inspirational people I am truly fortuntate. The last lesson of the day? Pay it back. I’ve met no end of people who have spent time they didn’t have to listening to me, advising me, giving me feedback. For all the words I’ve soaked up I need to give back more.

  1. Give 100%
  2. Give back

What are you going to do better tomorrow?