Countdown, not the enjoyable mid afternoon letters quiz romp with Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley. More the impending doom type, that nagging feeling that something is amiss.

The marathon in Paris kicks off for this writer on Sunday morning, flights are booked, hotel is booked and I’m feeling decidedly unprepared. Mileage wise I’ve not done enough pure running. I’ve played too much football (badly) and not enough zone 2 endurance building.


As with all things, I know what I should have done and in a twisted way I’m glad the date is looming, hopefully it will cement the loose part of my brain and teach me that I need to do more ‘doing’ and make the time for it.

After a week at our holiday place in Mudeford, to wind down  I’ve also managed to fit in a great sports massage and some stretching advice from Heidi at Total Bodyworks. (thank you for fitting me in last-minute!). It appears I can fit things in if I enjoy them. I’ve tried running on some energy gels just to test the theory so I reckon I can’t do much more.

Roll on Monday, I have a funny feeling my race update will be laced with detail about, pain, suffering and how I’m the only runner that didn’t enjoy Paris! – Until Monday…

Shameless plug, the place we have in Mudeford is perfect for swim/bike/run. New Forest on the doorstep for riding, running is a given on the coast and swim wise….the sea is positively tepid. If anyone wants to rent it just ask and if my carcass isn’t recovering from a particularly testing carb load I’m sure we can sort something out!