Match Report – Fleet Spurs Vets 2 : 4 Yateley

The problem with consistency is that everything is great until it’s not. This season has been a mishmash of teams, results and matches. Early winter saw a run of games, specifically in the cup where we managed to get a string of results. Then we’d end up with cancelled games in the league and a sporadic level of performance.

I’ve not written any match reports for a while because it’s particularly difficult to eulogize about mediocrity. Without resorting to Daily Mail tactics and saying something contentious like ‘Spavo is a Hungarian gypsy and eats swans’, there really is nothing I can jazz up.

To this weeks game, a home match against a good Yateley side who narrowly beat us on the first day of the season 2-1. They followed that up with an 8-2 drubbing in the cup and now was time for us to rise like a phoenix and exact revenge. We rose like a plucked battery hen and went down to a 0-3 20 minute opening spell. Yours truly at fault for the first, guilty of watching the 3 unmarked midfielders and neglecting my own marking duties allowing him to break and poke home.

Bowers, first to drop his head in embarrassment was equally at fault for the second. We’ll call that karma. The wingback union boldly stating that it fired up the team to start actually playing. From that point on we bossed it. Hitting the post with Nick Fleuty before Lambo laughing like a hyena and running like a gazelle that the hyena had maimed, lobbed the keeper from 20 yards. Great finish. a0982-epic-fail-sports-fail-epic-forehead-weak-retard-demotivational-poster-1206344902

Having made numerous chances in the remains of the first half we did what any sane team would do and changed it. In reality it made little difference we continued to remain on top. Ollie getting clattered repeatedly, Roy being a nuisance and then a breakthrough. We managed to re-establish the might Spurs ethos. We stopped marking and it paid dividends. They scored. 1-4

We continued to exert pressure but the truth is they had 3 attempts and scored all 3. We had 42 attempts and meant 12 of them. We scored 2. The second falling to Colin to sweep home from close range on the break.

The story of our season so far. We could have been so much better.



Paul ‘Filks’ Filkins
James ‘PJ’ Dyson
Pete ‘Duncan’ Bowers
Martin ‘Laurel’ King
Matt ‘Hardy’ Burke
Nick ‘Wallace’ Fleuty
Dan ‘Grommit’ Fleuty
Richard ‘Edward’ Etherington Smith MCMVII
Ollie ‘Ms Simpson’ Rastall
Mark ‘Lamborghini’ Lambert
Scoot ‘Dacia Duster’ Coote
Roy ‘John Merrick’ Allaway
Dave ‘Nosferatu’ Jeffs
Colin ‘Danny Devito’ Vickery